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      Asphalt Mixing Plant Manufacturer

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      Why do you choose our asphalt mixing plant?

      1. The asphalt mixing plant is independently researched, developed and designed by Yalong based on summarizing years of experience in development and production and taking the advantages of domestic and oversea similar products under the premise of striving for improving the technical contents and service performance to fully meet the requirements of users.


      2.The design idea of the asphalt mixing plant is mainly reflected by “high efficiency,reliability, environmental rotection, energy saving and beautiful appearance";


      3.The unique design of double-horizontal-shaft mixer ensures the high-efficiency productivity;


      4.Our asphalt mixing plant control system has more powerful functions, more advanced performance, stability and reliability due to adoption of global well-known hardware systems in quantity;


      5.The indexes for environmental protection, such as dust and exhaust emission, noise control, etc., has reached the global advanced level;


      6. The optimized thermo-motive design of the system utilizes the energy high-efficiently and reasonably, so that the energy loss is reduced to the minimum;


      7.Our asphalt mixing plant has beautiful appearance, novel structure, compact layout, saved space, and convenient and rapid installation and transportation due to the integral modularized design.


      8. From more than 50 yeas experience, we have included many of our customer’s suggestions for simpler daily maintenance operations in all parts of the asphalt mixing plant, such as wide floor space , fitting steps, wide inspection foothold ,and so on.


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