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      Asphalt Mixing Plant Manufacturer

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      Heat-conducting Oil Heating System

      Asphalt tank capacity 40T
      Asphalt gear pump 25.2m3/h-7.5KW
      Heating furnace type YYW-350(30)(Q)
      Power 9KW
      Total power 16.5KW
      Rated heat power 350KW
      Rated working pressure 0.7MPa
      Heat efficiency ≥62%
      Medium circulation volume ~40m3/h
      Maximum medium working temperature 320℃

      Working principle and features:

      The asphalt injection pump is adopted for spraying. The heat-conducting oil heats indirectly during the whole process which is applicable for various climate environments. Temperature self-control, low liquid level alarm, and pressure alarm functions are equipped.

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