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      Asphalt Mixing Plant Manufacturer

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      Finished Product Storage Silo

      Material silo capacity 25m3
      Silo heat preservation method Double-layer mineral cotton heat preservation
      Electric heating tube power 0.75×2KW
      Finished product discharging height 3.5m
      Workable width 3.6m
      Material level detecting Anti-cyclone material level controller

      Working principle and features:

      The finished product silo adopts bottom-installed structure, namely the material storage silo will be directly installed under the mixer for storing the material; the upper part of the material silo is equipped with overturn door which can separate the finished product and the waste. The material level controller is set at the top of the silo which is of full-silo warning function; the finished product silo is wrapped with 70mm thick heat preservation; and the material discharging door is installed with electric heating wire which is featured in good heat preservation effect and makes the material discharge be more smooth.

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