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      Asphalt Mixing Plant Manufacturer

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      Do you konw the structure of asphalt mixing plant?

      asphalt mixing plant structure
      The asphalt mixing plant is made up of 15 parts. They cooperate with each other and product asphalt mixture for the road construction.

      ①Cold aggregate supply system
      ②Feeding belt conveyor
      ③Drying drum
      ④ Hot aggregate elevator
      ⑤Vibrating screen
      ⑥ Hot aggregate silo
      ⑦Measuring system
      ⑧ Mixing system
      ⑨Finished products storage silo
      ⑩Control system
      ⑾Asphalt heating supply system
      ⑿I grade Gravity filter
      ? II grade bag filter
      ?Filler storage supply system

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