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      Asphalt Mixing Plant Manufacturer

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      Asphalt hot recycle plant is utilize the RAP from the destroyed asphalt road, after screening, heated, storage, weighing add into the mixer of different asphalt mixing plant as per certain proportion, mix with original materials to required asphalt.

      Asphalt hot recycle plant is the new product developed and designed by Yalong independently, which adopts the newest technology and combines the domestic construction statics. It has the characteristics of reliable, advanced, high efficiency and accurate measurement. The special drum structure solves the problem of material sticking, over-heated room avoids asphalt aging. Smoke re-combustion system males exhaust gas reach even beyond national standard, which has become the best choice for users.

      asphalt hot recycling plant asphalt hot recycling plant
      asphalt hot recycling plant asphalt hot recycling plant
      asphalt hot recycling plant asphalt hot recycling plant
      • The whole platform frame is made of type H steel structure adopts GB standard, using ANSYS finite element analysis software used for dynamic design of equipment strain, stress and multi-modal state by vibration, deadweight and wind load combined effective ensure the stability of steel structure.
      • Field bus standard technology integrated control system that can easily be achieved with control system integration of domestic and foreign asphalt mixing plants
      • Multi-point temperature testing and air flow auto control system effective ensure the stability and reliability of recycled materials instantaneous temperature, to avoid fumes corrosion, boning fan impeller. Rational allocation rate of back burning exhaust gas volume and the production of asphalt gas and other exhaust gas, to adopt European environmental consumption.
      • The dryer drum designed by European technology fully optimize the line speed and the structure of material lifting plate, to avoid wind tunnel phenomenon and reduce the power consumption.
      • A transitional combustion chamber is added with successful experiences of domestic and foreign thermal regeneration devices avoids the direct contact of flame and recycle lifting plate, effective prevent bitumen aging and burning loss, to achieve optimum of the thermal efficiency.
      structure of asphalt hot recycling plant
      Type RAP600 RAP1000 RAP1500 RAP2000
      Production Capacity 48 80 120 160
      Weight Accuracy static state ±0.5%
      dynamics ±2.5%
      Fuel Consumption Oil:6-8kg/t
      Power (kw) 130 170 230 280
      Max.adding proportion of recycled material HXB1000 50% \ \ \
      HXB1500 40% \ \ \
      HXB2000 30% 50% \ \
      HXB3000 \ 33% 50% \
      HXB4000 \ 25% 37% 50%


      Technical Document

      asphalt mixing plant

      Assembly and service
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