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      Asphalt Mixing Plant Manufacturer

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      HXB series asphalt mixing plant is the 2014 latest product.The design of HXB series asphalt mixing plant is mainly reflected by high efficiency,reliability,environmental protection,energy saving ang beautiful appearance.

      The control system of asphalt mixing plant has more powerful functions,more advanced performance,stability.It has beautiful appearance,novel structure,compact layout,saved apace and can completely meet the construction requirements for pavements of expressways,airports,ports,water conservancy,etc.

      HXB1500 asphalt mixing plant HXB2000 asphalt mixing plant
      HXB3000 asphalt mixing plant HXB4000 asphalt mixing plant
      • Low emission of noise and nitrogen oxide
      • Low fuel consumption
      • High heat efficiency
      • High quality and high performance mixer
      • Perfect appearance, novel structure, compact layout, saved space
      • Capacity:40、60、80、100、120、160、240、320 t/h
      • Application:the construction of expressways, airports, ports, water conservancy

      From our more than 50 yeas experience, we have included many of our customer’s suggestions for simpler daily maintenance operations in all parts of the asphalt mixing plant, such as wide floor space , fitting steps, wide inspection foothold ,and so on.

      asphalt mixing plant structure
      1.Cold aggregate supply system 2. Feeding belt conveyor
      3. Drying drum 4. Hot aggregate elevator
      5. Vibrating screen 6. Hot aggregate silo
      7. Measuring system 8. Mixing system
      9. Finished product storage silo 10. Control system
      11. Asphalt heating supply system 12. I grade Gravity filter
      13. II grade bag filter 14. Filler storage supply system
      15. Burner
      Type HXB500 HXB800 HXB1000 HXB1200 HXB1500 HXB2000 HXB3000 HXB4000
      Production Capacity 40 t/h 60 t/h 80 t/h 100 t/h 120 t/h 160 t/h 240 t/h 320t/h
      Fuel Type Coal/diesel/heavy oil
      Total Power(kw) 182.8 203.3 222.3 255.8 354.3 469.5 595.7 804.5
      Covers Area 48m×25m 50m×25m 50m×35m 85m×23m
      Fuel Consumption 5.5-7.0kg/t(Fuel)
      Measuring Accuracy(Static) Aggregate: ≤±0.5% Power: ≤±0.3% Asphalt:≤±0.25%
      Effect of De-dusting "Dust discharge concentration≤50mg/Nm3(Bag dust) Lingeman blackness≤Ⅰ"
      Volume of Cold Aggregate Storage 3.5m3×4 4.5m3×4 6m3×4 7.5m3×4 8.0m3×5 11.0m3×6 15.0m3×6
      Drying Drum φ1250mm×5200mm φ1500mm×6400mm Φ2000mm×8000mm Φ2420mm×9200mm Φ2800mm×12000mm
      Vibrating Screen Three layer half screen/four specifications material Six layer and eleven segments
      Control Mode Manually/automatic
      Discharge Temperature 120-160℃
      Volume of hot Aggregate Storage 4.25m3,4 specifications 15m3,4 specifications 17m3,4 specifications 80m3,5 specifications 125m3,6 specifications
      Volume of Agitator 600kg 800kg 1200kg 1300kg 1700kg 2000kg 3000kg 4000kg
      Volume of Asphalt Tank 40t 40t×2 40t×3 40t×4
      Noise of Operation Room ≤70 dB(A)

      Technical Document
        asphalt mixing plant
        asphalt mixing plant
        asphalt mixing plant
        asphalt mixing plant
        asphalt mixing plant
        asphalt mixing plant


      Quick Wear Parts List

      asphalt mixing plant

      Assembly and service
      • Ready ro provide industry advisoty
      • Recommend to choose extensible models
      • Plan the site construction
      • Train operators and maintenance staff
      • Installation and debugging
      • Regular return visit
      • Supply genuineaccessories
      • Equipment update and modification
      • Provide technical exchange and training every year

      If you want more information about asphalt mixing plant,please contant us:ec@nyylzj.cn

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      Tel: +86-371-86118567
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      Mail: ec@nyylzj.cn
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      asphalt mixing plant certificate